One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

     Maine Materials Exchange

Helping Maine Industry Minimize Waste through Industrial and Commercial REUSE and RECYCLING

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Maine Materials Exchange (M2X)

M2X, as a not-for-profit Maine corporation, acting as a clearinghouse for information, educating about waste minimization and establishing matches relative to materials available and materials wanted for exchange.   M2X has tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3.

Corporate Office:

Nicholas S. Nadzo, Esq. - Clerk
    Jensen Baird Gardener & Henry
    Ten Free Street
    Portland, Maine 04101
    Fax 207-756-7935

Officers and Directors:

Gerry Mirabile, President
Brian Burwell, Treasurer
Ron Dyer, Secretary
Peter Brown
George MacDonald
Dana Peck


M2X is operated by contract with:
     Eco-Waste of 93 Maquoit Drive, Freeport, Me. 04032.
    207-865-6621; Fax 207-865-6478
    Harold E. Arndt, Waste Minimization Specialist / Owner




Earth Day Draft - As Adopted 4/22/95 (Rev.August 21, 1996)

Maine Materials X-change (M2X)

The Maine Materials X-change(M2X) will be a cooperative of public and private organizations dedicating efforts to the recycling and re-utilization of non-virgin materials.


The mission is to divert unwanted material destined for disposal as waste, to environmentally sound re-utilization processes, by aggressively matching generators and users.


M2X will operate as a non-profit cooperative of public and private member organizations, and a centralized resource for material re-utilization through out the State of Maine. The membership will sustain the continued operation of this exchange mechanism through membership fees, donations and commission fees for the services of effectively channeling unwanted materials to environmentally sound and effective re-use processes. M2X will provide a marketing mechanism that minimizes the cost of disposal, maximizes the re-use of natural resources by redirecting material into a higher use in the hierarchy of uses, and protects the member by limiting future landfill liability . The costs and benefits of developing environmentally acceptable re-utilization alternatives for commonly generated materials is shared by the membership of the organization to the benefit of all. M2X minimizes the negative publicity surrounding an individual firm's ownership of an environmentally unfriendly material.


The Goal is to provide an active educational program and aggressive marketing process for items and materials presently handled and treated as waste and to re-direct those items and materials for re-use and as natural resources/raw materials for a higher use in the hierarchy of uses. M2X will provide value added by consolidating services necessary to verify and document availability and quality of non-virgin items and material, to receive and ship those items and materials from generators to users and to track that ownership change.



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