One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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Helping Maine Industry Minimize Waste through Industrial and Commercial REUSE and RECYCLING

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The Maine Materials Exchange wishes to acknowledge its whole hearted appreciation to ALL the sponsors who have helped M2X along the way to achieving its goals and objectives, specifically - Jensen Baird Gardener & Henry (JBGH), Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection (MDEP), Maine Attorney Generals Office (MAGO) and Region One (EPA )  for past grants and in kind service which launched our existence.   For providing funding and in kind service to help make this Web Site possible a Big Thank You to: (EPA ), Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MMEP), and especially Great Works Internet (GWI) our ISP and web site host.



As an M2X Sponsor your business or organization can have a ad banner or frame on the M2X Home Page or on any page in the M2X Web Site simply by contacting the M2X Web Master.  



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