One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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Appendix ID - Registration Form       

I wish to Register as a:

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IF registered as an Associate or Patron you need not fill in any further information unless something has changed. 
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This Company/Organization/Individual wishes to be:

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For listing / exchanging commodities via the M2X WebSite/Newsletter and/or submitting for sale, donation, exchanging commodities and/or purchasing, exchanging commodities via the Warehouse.

Wishes to be considered as:   (check all that apply.)

A Buyer   A Broker  A Dealer  A Recycler/Re-user  A Non-Profit

For making purchases or participating in exchanges from the M2X Newsletter and/or the M2X Warehouse Facility.

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This Company/Organization/Individual has participated in one or more of the following Waste Minimization/Source Reduction/Pollution Prevention Programs: (check all that apply.)


WasteCap Assessment Program     ECM-CTT Assessment Program                 Me. DEP Pollution Prevention Program  Uof Me. Industrial Assessment Program  Any other waste minimization/source reduction/P2 program  (please specify)

In the box below, please disclose any Environmental Regulatory Actions

current  pending, or   past

which involve commodities which might be offered for sale or exchange via the Maine Materials Exchange.

Release Agreement:

The undersigned (by pressing the submit button) acknowledges to having read and agree to the terms of the DISCLAIMER and furthermore agrees to release M2X and its staff, sponsors, directors and advisors from any claim, liability, obligation, or responsibility resulting from, pursuant to, or connected to the listing of materials or any other matter related to the Maine Materials Exchange.

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