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The Maine Materials Exchange (M2X)is a match-making service for companies with excess or unwanted items and/or materials; and for businesses and individuals who can make productive use of those items / materials. By providing an opportunity for businesses or organizations to sell or donate what they would normally throw away, that business or organization can change a debit to a credit or contribution, and save on disposal costs, all while reducing their impact on the environment. M2X is an important pollution prevention strategy, achieving source reduction through reuse efforts.

The M2X Comodities Listings are for both "materials available" and "materials wanted". Material listings are sorted by catagory for ease of locating, and the same catagories are used in both the "Materials Available" and the "Materials Wanted" Sections.  Appendix A will show those catagories.

To List: If your organization would like to include materials that you have "Available" in the M2X Listings or you wish to announce materials which you "Want", simply complete the appropriate Listing Form Appendix B - Available Materials or Appendix B - Wanted Materials provided in this web site.   The Listing Forms can be completed and submitted electronically by e-mail or they can be printed into hard copy, completed and faxed or mailed  to M2X.  Use this LINK to text copy of forms suitable for hard copy printing.

Note: Please fill out a separate form for each type of material either wanted or available. Do not mix wanted materials and available materials on the same forms and do not list more than one material on any single form. There is no charge for your listing (s). Your firms's identity is never listed nor identified in this web site and is kept confidential  until an exchange is consumated. For further information contact: Harold E. Arndt, M2X Program Director @ 207-865-6621 or e-mail:

To Respond to a Listing: To obtain information on, or explore obtaining an item or material listed in the M2X Newsletter catalog, contact the Maine Materials Exchange at 207-865-6621 or complete and return the Response Form - R in this catalog. M2X staff will provide you with the necessary information. In the case of a confidential listing, your name and phone number will be forwarded to the listing organization.


Note: Donations to non-profit organizations may be tax deductible. For your convience, the catalog denotes "Materials Wanted" listings which have been placed by non-profit organizations by the Symbol .

Financial Considerations: As a listing organization with materials "Available", you are asked to declare whether your material is available at: 1) no charge; 2) a negotiable price; 3) a fixed price; or 4) is being donated to M2X as a tax deductable donation.

From Materials "Available" Listings, which are successfully exchanged with negotiated prices or fixed prices, the financial proceeds are shared by both the listing organization and M2X, per the detailed Financial Consideration Table in Appendix F. For items listed as no charge or donations, which are successfully exchanged , M2X assesses the new users or owners a small handling fee or a negotiated service fee. As a listing organization for materials "Wanted", it is agreed that a service fee for successful exchanges will be accessed by M2X, based on the guidelines outlined in Appendix F.



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