One Industry's Waste is Another Industry's Raw Material ----- If YOU are not Recycling then YOU are THROWING IT ALL AWAY !!!!

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Information provided through the Maine Materials Exchange web site is supplied by the lister of the material. Neither M2X, its staff, sponsers, directors, or advisors is liable for any information, errors, or representations, or makes any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the material description, the suitability for a particular purpose, or the merchantability of any material offered through this service or any service which may publish the material description.

The Maine Materials Exchange (M2X) is not responsible for the determination of the charactor or content of any item listed, nor for the determination of what may constitue a hazardous substance or create a hazardous condition. M2X does not make recommendations or judgements with respect to legal requirements for storage, handling, transportation, or disposal of what may be defined as hazardous substances. M2X will not accept any material into it's warehouse which it deams to be of a hazardous nature or which in its opinion may propose an environmental or health hazard.

M2X reserves the right to: not list certain materials; remove materials from the listing web site pages; or edit information provided by the listing party.


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