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 Electronic Appendix R - Response

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Electronic Appendix R - Response
Appendix F -Financial


Please tell us what further information you would like to know  about the listing ad that you reference and we will endeavour to provide you with that information.  Please remember you must provide us with your contact information, so that we will be able to reach you with the answers and in case we have any questions.


With respect to the Listing specified below:

        Listing:               Classification Code:             Ad Listing Number:


  For that "Wanted Listing" --- I may:
  have something that meets or is similar to the "wanted" ad (be specific below)

For that "Available Listings" --- my needs are: 
  Need to explore purchasing that Listing, Need pricing information,
  Need packaging/shipping/transportation information on that Listing,
  Need more technical information on that Listing (be specific below),

   Specific Information:

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name

IF you have previously registered your organization with the Maine Materials Exchange and know your Associate or Patron ID# 

Enter it here

  and you need not fill in any further information unless something has changed. 


Address-PO Box
Zip code
Type of Business
S.I.C. code
Toll Free #

Display Appendix R - RESPONSE FORM in text format for hard copy printing, completing and submission.


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