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Appendix B - Available Materials
                                Listing Form
                                                  Office Use Only
                                                                                                                                        Code #___________

Submit one form per listing : Copy as many forms as needed.                                          Item ID #__________

Company Name:_____________________________________Date: ____________
City: _______________________________State:______Zip Code:___________
Type of Business:___________________________# of Employees_______ S.I.C. Code:______
Contact:___________________________ Title:_____________________________
Phone #: _____-_____-________ Ext. _____ ; Fax #:_____-_____- _________ ;
Toll Free #: 800- _____- _________; e-mail address: ________________________

Material Classification Code Number: __________ (select the one category Code Number
                                        from the list in Appendix A that best describes the materials you are listing)

Item / Material to be listed: ________________________________________________
                                                 (generic name / main usable constituent)



(Provide detailed information as you wish to have it appear in the catalog listing: include information
                    such as condition, amount, sizes, packaging, contamination. Limit is 250 charactors).

Town of Material location:__________________________________________________

Process that generates the material:__________________________________________

Potential or Intended uses:___________________________________________________
(if Known).

Supply of Material / Item: o On-Going o One Time Availability

Present Quantity Available:__________________Units (ea., lbs., tons, cu.yds.):______
                        Declared Value___________ Declared Total Wgt._________o Wet, o Dry

Future Quantity Available:__________________ Units (ea., lbs., tons, cu.yds.):______
                                                                                Frequency (wk.,mo.,qtr.)________________

Available to interested parties: o Sample o Lab analysis o MSDS o Photo o Equip. Specs o Manual

Materials Availability: o No Charge, o Price Negotible, o Price/Unit: $__.___/ ____
                                            o Donation to M2X.

Release Agreement:

The undersigned acknowledges to having read and agree to the terms of the DISCLAIMER and furthermore agrees to release M2X and its staff, sponsors, directors and advisors from any claim, liability, obligation, or responsibility resulting from, pursuant to, or connected to the listing of materials or any other matter related to the Maine Materials Exchange.

Signature:____________________________________ Date_____________________

A completed copy of this form may be mailed to M2X at 93 Maqouit Dr. Freeport, Me. 04032 or Faxed to 207-865-6478

For Assistance completing this form or for other information, Call M2X @ 207-865-6621   or contact Support@M2X.com


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