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On-line Materials Listing:

Consistant with the previously announced goal of making ownership exchanges as rapid and efficient as possible, to the advantage of both the generators and the re-users, M2X has with the creation of this web site established a presence on the Internet. The desire to network with other exchanges nation wide to give Maine produced materials as wide a distribution as possible for finding re-user customers has been started with Cooperative Multiple Exchange Listings, and the other Links offered. The On-Line exposure will also help move materials quickly on a local basis.


Warehousing Sales Services:

In the not to distant future M2X will be offering a warehousing service to handle the redistribution of some items and materials which lend themselves to marketing through a show room atmosphere. It will also serve to accommodate those situations where the generator MUST GET RID OF something immediately and can not wait for the slower   listing method.


On-line Exchanges

The web site support structure to make possible the ability to purchase (by using a credit card) items directly from a pre-priced listing of items and/or participate in an on-line sealed bid sale and/or an auction sale are under construction and will be available in the future.  If you would like to be informed as to when those features become available or to ensure that  you get notices of on-going pre-priced listings, sealed bid sale offerings or on-line auction announcements ---- please submit an e-mail request form TODAY!!!!!


E-mail Notification of NEW LISTINGS:

Also complete the e-mail request form if you would like to be notified by e-mail when a particularily interesting new listing is placed in a particular commodity that you have expressed an interest in.


Hard copy - M2X NEWSLETTER:

The publication of the Maine Materials Exchange Newsletter has been discontinued for the time being since it is so very costly to publish and distribute (cost effectiveness is questional); it is very difficult to keep up-to-date and current; and the advent of on-line website technology solves both of those dilemmas.   For those situations where hard copy of listings are needed --- copies can be printed from the web site page screens or special arrangements  may be made with the M2X Webmaster . 
Contact: or call 207-865-6621


Staff-Assisted Exchanges:

The M2X staff is available to help with listing materials, communicating information about listings and their current availability, as well as orchestrating ownership transfers.

To access the M2X staff assistance or for additional information,
Please contact us at:

Maine Materials Exchange
93 Maquoit Drive
Freeport, Maine

Fax 207-865-6478




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